3d tools for artists

1 This platform is intended to collect and provide high quality tools for 3d rendering - made by 3d artists, for 3d artists.

Our info blog and shop is related to 3d creation, in special with rendering, animation and archviz and product visualisation. We provide tools and information for rendering, render engines like V-Ray or Maxwell, Cinema 4D, Rhino, 3d Max and others.

As there are yet not so many pages of that kind for C4D centric use, we focus on Cinema4d t balance that a bit better. you find therefore here many c4d specific things,but of course also software and tools for other 3d software.

As official European Partners from Chaosgroup and as producers of VRAYforc4D, we also focus on render engines, in special of course on V-Ray (and all Chaosgroup and LAUBlab Products) , but we try to offer all good engines and other plugins of course.

We are also official partners of CG shop Austria,Vienna, who are certificated MAXON resellers and distributersfor D-A-CH (Germany, Austria ; Switzerland), and we are official resellers of MAXON USA. So in this regions we can serve you with all MAXON products.