exchange & contribute

4Furthermore we offer all C4d artist to share and offer high quality Assets or plugins to help the C4D community to further grow

A nice quality centric C4D based sharing platform is yet missing to our community we think.

therefore we created here the possibility for all c4d users to offer high quality library items, scenes, models, scripts, plugins or other useful tools.

If you are interested please contact us, we will look at samples of the work you want to share,and if it meeds certain quality standards we can add it to our shop. to keep the most out for you you get unusual 70 % of all sales (!), yet have no work at all for it – we do all the sending, invoicing, VAT tax checks, caring for the payment providers etc for you. (for detailed offers and possibilities please ask us)

Do you have C4d models, plugins, scripts or materials you want to contribute? It is very easy and secure, a good way to earn some extra and adding at the same time some to the 3d community. We specialize here on the .c4d format (or compatible).